When I decided to quit my job and go on a round the world trip, I had also started to draw again. I took any spare 15 minutes, before or after work, to draw. I drew my breakfast, my desk, my handbag, anything that was in front of me. I used an old journal that I had kept for years and only used one page in and cheap pens I had lying around the house. The goal was to draw everyday and draw everyday things and not worry about the pens bleeding through the paper or to produce a masterpiece. Once I made that decision, I made the time to do it. I drew while watching television, while eating my breakfast, even drawing my toothbrush. 2012 original sketchs_shantele_ianna

2012 original sketchs_shantele_ianna_1In the past I would worry about wasting materials, paper or paint unless the end result was for a purpose, a wall or a friend. This was the first time I had drawn in a book and just drawn for me, not for any other reason than to enjoy it. By drawing in a journal I could look back and notice how my drawings had improved, which was an incentive to keep going. Through this process I discovered amazing and inspiration people such as Michael Nobbs and Danny Gregory and got inspired to take a journal and a small watercolour pocket box on our round the world holiday.

Below is a sketch of what I decided to take, I was travelling with carry on only, so whatever I took it had to be able to be taken on the plane and small enough to fit in my 30 litre backpack with everything else. I decided on:

-a small Windsor and Newton watercolour pocket box, and a

-a Moleskine watercolor journal;.

I also carried a material sunglasses case containing a water brush, 0.3m Pigma Micron pen, a pencil, pacer, sharpener and an eraser. My tools have changed since 2012 but for this trip it fit well with my brief of small, portable, easy and most importantly “with me” so that I would draw and document the trip.sketching_tools_sketch sketch_watercolor_pocket_box_winsor_and_newton

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    • Hi Gloris

      When I first started I was using the micron pens and these are the ones that I took overseas, but I really don’t like them I find that the nibs are too sensitive and I was having trouble holding them the way I like and getting a good flow. So now I use the cheap uniball micro pens.


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