saguaro_national_park_arizona__sunset_2Saguaro National Park takes its name from the Saguaro Cactus. It is essential split down the middle by the city of Tucson, which has created an east and west park covering a total of 37000ha. We spent the morning at the eastern park and then the afternoon on the western side so we could take in the sunset. saguaro_national_park_cactus saguaro_national_park_cactus_closeup saguaro_national_park_arizona_saguaros_spines

The park is home to an amazing diversity of cactus and (hidden) wildlife, but the stars of the show are the Saguaro cactus that live there. Saguaro’s are extremely slow growing and it can take between 75 and 100 years for them to grow “arm’s”. But it is these arms that give the cactus their distinctive shape and result in them looking so much like people.

saguaro_national_park_arizona_pretending_to_be_a_cactussaguaro_national_park_arizona_love_heartsaguaro_national_park_arizona_dead_cactus_skeletonsaguaro_national_park_arizona_flowerssaguaro_national_park_arizona_brain_cactussaguaro_national_park_arizona_ball_cactussaguaro_national_park_arizona_3saguaro_national_park_arizona_black and whitesaguaro_national_park_arizona_birdlife The sunset viewing area at the western park did not disappoint with a beautiful view of the Saguaros standing tall as the colours changed from blue to purple to red. saguaro_national_park_arizona_sunset





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