streets of granada sketch by shantele iannaWe took a short 3 day side trip to Granada from L’Alfas del Pi. Granada is a beautiful city. There is so much history and gorgeous buildings to see and plenty of subject matter to sketch. We didn’t try and see all the sights except the Alhambra and the old Arab quarter. But, I did a lot (a lot for me) of sketching while we were there.  Sketch of Alhambra by Shantele ianna

The Alhambra is stunning and well worth taking a day to look around. We booked our tickets to the palace before we got there and just had to pick them up in the morning.  I would recommend getting there early to beat the heat and the crowds. There are frequent mini buses that leave all day, it is nice to catch the bus up and then walk back. Oh and check that you have a memory card in your camera before you leave, unlike me. flamenco dancer sketch by shantele ianna

The most magical night of our holiday was spent at the Duende flamenco show. I am so glad that this show was recommended to us. The Duende show was set in the gardens of the Alhambra, under the stars. It was a beautiful setting for a breathtaking show. It was evident from the start that the dancers and singers put so much passion into their craft. Even though I only speak a little bit of Spanish the show was so moving and emotional. Sketch Cathedral of Grandada by Shantele ianna bus station sketch by shantele ianna                     Sketch of the Granada bus station. The Spanish are crazy about lotto

I am so glad that we took this little side trip to a beautiful city.



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  1. Great sketches! I think buildings are intimidating to draw, but you’ve done a lovely job. Bet you will remember doing the drawings better than just taking a photo…found you through Mary Ann’s blog…glad you linked!

    • Thanks so much Dianne, Yep I love looking back through my journal and the memories are so much more vivid than looking at photos

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