Before I share the photos from our recent holiday I want to share the rest of the highlights from our honeymoon in Borneo and Thailand. I hope to inspire you to travel to both these amazing countries. The whole aim of our trip to Borneo was to see animals in the wild, particularly the orangutan’s and the probiscus monkey.Sepilok rehab centre 2

After leaving Kota Kinabalu we took a short flight to Sandakan. As soon as we stepped off the plane we hopped onto a full day tour with “In Sabah tours”Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary, the rainforest discovery centre and Goomatong Cave. Sepilok rehab centre 13 Sepilok rehab centre 12 Sepilok rehab centre 11

Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary is a rehabilitation centre for orphaned and injured orangutans. The centre covers  43 sq km and is situated adjacent to Kabali Sepilok Forest Reserve. There are about 60 – 80 orangutans living at Sepilok, but they are free to roam the whole reserve so you are not guaranteed to see them with your entrance fee.Sepilok rehab centre 7 Sepilok rehab centre 5 Sepilok rehab centre 4

You watch a short video when you arrive at the facility on how they rehabilitate the animals and how you can help out and donate. Then it is a short walk to the feeding platform where you wait and hope to see one. They feed the orangutan’s a bland diet of the same fruit and some milk to encourage them to forage in the reserve.  We were lucky that there were lots of animals around the day we visited. Including one very bald one that looked like Gollum from the lord of the rings 🙂 . Sepilok rehab centre 9 Sepilok rehab centre 1

Our entrance fees were included in our day tour, but there is a 10 RM camera fee on top that we had to pay to take photos. It is possible to get to the facility by public bus (details in the lonely planet) if you didn’t want to pay for a tour. We thought that Sepilok was very well run and was well worth the visit. Sepilok rehab centre 8 Sepilok rehab centre 3

The orangutans truly really are amazing animals. The way they move, eat, cuddle, and interact is fascinating to see. They are so alike and yet so un-alike us in many ways and it was a real privilege to be able to see them in the (semi) wild.

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