bako NP borneo 11We loved Kuching. Most people we talked to wondered why we were going to Kuching. I now am wondering why not. It is such a vibrant, clean city and there is so much to do there. We stayed for 5 nights and visited Bako National Park, Guning Gading National Park, did a wetlands tour, visited a tribal village, the orang-utan sanctuary and a did bike tour of the city. We crammed in lots of activities. bako NP borneo 5 bako NP borneo 4 bako NP borneo 2

Bako National Park was a real highlight. It is located only 20 km from the city on the coast between two rivers. You get there via a short boat ride from a mainland fishing village and land on the beach near the parks headquarters.  bako NP borneo 8 bako NP borneo 6

There are lots of different bushwalks at the park and you would need days to do them all. We only had one day there and did Telok Pandan Kecil trail. It takes you along the coastline, were we saw a bearded pig and proboscis monkeys and then up over the plateau and through varied vegetation types. It was a surprise to see hundreds of pitcher plants along the trail. This trial ends at beautiful sea stacks and a gorgeous cove and beach. Normally there is a boat to save walking back but after we waited for ages we realised that the boat was not running that day. Make sure you book ahead if you want this option :)…. bako NP borneo 9 bako NP borneo 13 bako NP borneo 14

We did our tour through Para Desa Borneo & they were fantastic. They have a great little tour office down town with amazing friendly service and good rates. I cant recommend them highly enough.

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