Kuching bike tour 11A bike tour is always a good idea. You would think that Kuching would be a bit crazy to ride a bike around, because it is non stop traffic in the streets. But I reckon that cycling is the best way to see a city. We joined the “Best of Kuching” tour with Para Desa again which covers the heritage trials of Kuching and the Kampong malay villages. Along the way we sampled local street food, markets and village life.Kuching bike tour 7 Kuching bike tour 5

The tour starts with a visit to the city’s local Chinese food market to sample some local kolo mee and drinks. Then we had some free time to explore little india and all the colour and smells of this street. Kuching bike tour 8 Kuching bike tour 6

We rode along the heritage trail to see local sights such as the old courthouse and the beautiful Kuching mosque. Kuching bike tour 10

After visiting the mosque we all crammed into a Sampan Boat and headed over to Malay Kampong (traditional malay villages) on the banks of the Sarawak River. The kids come out and run after the bikes as you ride past and there is a quick tour of one of the houses. It is always fascinating to see how other people live!Kuching bike tour 2 Kuching bike tour 12

A visit to a local open air market and lunch is included on the tour. Having the guide with us made me more confident to ask questions and take photos of the vendors.Kuching bike tour 13 Kuching bike tour 15 Kuching bike tour 18

It was bustling and vibrant, with a flower market and lots of fruits, veggies, and sea creatures along the way. It was great to sample food that I wouldn’t normally try. Having a guide helped us to eat local food at stalls where we wouldn’t get sick.Kuching bike tour 14 Kuching bike tour 16 Kuching bike tour 17

It was the best way to see the city, and I would recommended doing it when you first arrive so you get a taste of the highlights of this beautiful city.

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