Hi blog its been a while…sketches shantele ianna 2

I also realised that its been awhile since I have been drawing regularly. I started this sketchbook in April 2014, that’s 18 months, 18 months of not drawing or sketching regularly. It time to show up at the page again and start making sketching a regular practice. 18 months is a long break from doing something I love… so here are my latest scribbles.sketches shantele ianna 4 sketches shantele ianna

Some food, some blind contours, some gardening and some nature journaling…sketches shantele ianna 3

I’m on a mission to finish this guy by the end of the year, there are about 25 pages left in it, not overly ambitious but better than an average of a drawing a month… and stay tuned for some more field guide Friday posts…

I hope you are spending your days, or stealing minutes, to practice something that brings you joy…….

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