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I have had a plan to make a quilt for my niece and goddaughter for a while now. Recently I found some beautiful vintage fabric to finally make a start. I decided to make two quilts at once to save on the cutting time which is my least favourite part. I have already made a quilt using isosceles triangles and wanted to do something different but still simple with a repeating shape. I decided on 3.5 inch squares.

It felt a bit daunting once I saw all the squares piled up. But then I realised that I just have to break it down into small steps and take it one step at a time. I thought that I would make two quilts the same but by the time I had pieced together the first square pattern quilt I was ready for something a bit different. I decided to make the second one by cutting the squares into half square triangles.

I used an animal print sheet for the backing and am happy with how they both turned out. And the girls love them. I also made small embroidered tags for both with a simple small personal message.

I have now completed three quilts and every time I learn something new. But over and over again I have learnt that it feels so good to actually finish a project rathe than worrying about making it perfect.