My current project for 2015 is “field guide Friday”, where I will share a sketch from my nature journal of a plant or an animal on the blog every Friday. My goal with this project is to sketch more and hopefully inspire someone else to start a nature journal!!. I have archived all the posts so far below… enjoy

Emperor Gum moth
Tiger Moth
rescue chicken sketch by Shantele ianna
Rescue chicken
toadstool and mushrooms sketches
Toadstools & mushrooms
dolphin fish watercolor sketch  print head close up
Dolphin fish


robber fly watercolor sketch by Shantele ianna
Robber Fly
Bull ant
Bull ant
blue tiger butterfly watercolor sketch by Shantele ianna
Blue Tiger Butterfly
Watercolor sketch by Shantele Ianna
Redhead Cotton bush
beetle sketch by Shantele Ianna
Monolepta Beetle
lionfish watercolor print by Shantele IANNA v
Lion Fish
field guide to the farm weeds by shantele ianna
common farm weeds
Stick insect watercolour sketch by Shantele ianna
Stick insect
Wanderer butterfly and larvae watercolor sketch by shantele ianna
Wanderer Butterfly


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